Kelly Bowman - Vocals
John Talmage - Bass Guitar
Dan Laverse - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Tong - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Zarate - Drums

Formed in late 2015, veteran musicians from Columbus, Ohio joined forces to keep the musical legacy of Ronnie James Dio alive. This includes music from Rainbow, Dio (solo) and Black Sabbath eras. 
Since formation, interest in the band has grown, as well as the area in which the band has played. EoD is seeking to expand on this success into new areas, statewide and beyond.

Song List
Rainbow: Man on the Silver Mountain (more to come)

Dio: Holy Diver, Last In Line, Don't Talk to Strangers, Stand Up and Shout, Rainbow in the Dark, Shame on the Night, Straight Through the Heart, Killing the Dragon, We Rock, Gypsy (more to come)

Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell, Children of the Sea, Voodoo, Neon Knights, Turn Up The Night, Time Machine, Mob Rules, Country Girl, Lady Evil (more to come)